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In the Press

RUTH SUNDERLAND: I only found out I had osteoporosis when I broke a bone... it shouldn't be like that

The medical profession and employers are becoming more aware of women’s health in mid-life. Bone health, though, is largely missing from the discussion.

Test will reveal your risk of getting osteoporosis

A TEST that uses a toenail clipping to assesses a person’s risk of the bone-thinning disease osteoporosis is available to buy from today.

Fingernail test to help predict the risk of fractures

The Osentia screening test assesses somebody’s risk of suffering fragility fractures - a common sign of osteoporosis.

From more calcium to counting steps: Top tips to boost your bone power

This week a new home-testing kit, which uses a special type of laser screening technology to assess the risk of developing osteoporosis, was launched in the UK.

Why are at home tests like Osentia important for vegans?

What the Osentia test does is it's a combination of technology that looks at nail or toenail clippings. It analyses the protein in that clipping which scientists have shown correlate to the strength of the bones.

Dr Dawn Harper speaks to Reya El-Selahi about how osteoporosis

Dr Dawn highlights that Osentia is an at-home test which allows people to identify their risk of suffering from a fragility fracture by sending a nail clipping to their lab.